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School of Fine Woodworking

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Woodturning Workshop

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School of Ceramics

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Gaspar Tellez - a Brief Bio

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Our mission is to teach the fine craft of woodworking to those who wish to learn how to design and make all kinds of projects in wood. We believe it is important to know about the different kinds of wood that can be had not only in Mexico, but all over the world. We explain the different ways to source workable wood, from first industry to recycled furniture and reclaimed timber. We offer a practical, hands-on approach so that you can learn the correct way to handle tools and machinery. Our workshop rules are based on order and discipline in order to maintain a safe and healthy working environment.


For anyone over 15, we offer the opportunity to study Fine Woodworking as a technical career in three years (6 semesters). Our Study Program is based on Gaspar Téllez’s 33 years of work experience in the US, during which time he obtained the title of Master Craftsman, as well as his teaching credentials, from the University of San Diego in California, USA.

You don't necessarily have to sign up for the technical career to learn --you can come and take classes whenever you can and start learning the woodworking techniques that you are interested in.


By combining the efficient pragmatism of the American school of woodworking, with the resourcefulness and creativity of the Mexican woodcrafter, we intend to contribute –through practice and education-- to the revitalization of this age-old and noble craft. Woodworking in Mexico is in great need of embracing new techniques, adopting the latest trends in technology, as well as experimenting with contemporary styles in furniture design.


You will also learn to incorporate other materials –such as leather, metals, glass, paper, fabrics and resins-- into your woodworking projects. We will guide you throughout the whole process, from making the first sketches of an idea, to applying the basic rules of small business administration in order to know how to price and market the final product, if that is what you would like to do.


All of this takes place within an ample and fully equipped workshop designed for you to enjoy your woodworking experience.


We are proud to be the first school of this kind in Mexico. We will continue to grow and expand: in 2014 we opened our School of Ceramics, offering classes to kids, teens and adults.

Our school’s logo comes from a sculpture made by Gaspar Téllez in 2009, titled Evolution. Téllez still lived in the US then, and was contemplating the transformation of his business “Gaspart Designs Arts and Crafts” into a school of fine woodworking and design. However, he did not plan to open that school in California but in Mexico, his country of origin. The idea of closing a 33-year cycle in the US and commencing a new one in his native land brought to his mind the word “evolution”: returning to one’s roots, not as the same person who left but a more developed version, strengthened and matured by experience.


The sculpture is made of recycled Douglas fir –that is, it was recovered from a demolished project. It was acquired by Ed Straub, who back then was the president of the Orange Country Woodworkers Association, and who, upon knowing Téllez’s plans, wanted to be a part of the process.

wood sculpture reclaimed douglas fir Gaspart Studio woodworking school

And this is Valle de Bravo.

This is where we are.

Valle de Bravo is a small city in the state of Mexico, surrounded by mountains, corn fields, and an artificial lake. It lies just a couple of hours’ drive from Mexico City towards the west. Located at around 6,000 feet above sea level, its climate and vegetation are an agreeable mix of the tropics and temperate pine-oak forests, laden with ferns and orchids during the rainy season. Moderate rains fall from June to November, and the rest of the year is dry with an occasional rainstorm. January and February are the coldest months, but temperatures hardly ever go lower than 35°F. April is usually the hottest month, when daytime highs may reach 100°F.


Valle de Bravo, or simply “Valle”, has been a popular weekend destination since the seventies. More recently, it has become known as one of the best places in Mexico to practice a variety of outdoor sports and activities such as hang gliding, paragliding, mountain biking, horseback riding, and motocross. On weekends the lake can become quite busy with floating restaurants, sailboats, and people practising stand-up paddle, water-skiing and wakeboarding. In Valle one can also find a range of restaurants, cafés, art galleries, boutiques, spas, and spiritual retreats. Many cultural events are held at different times of the year, celebrating local traditions, history, and the region’s ecology.


For those of us who live here, Valle offers a winning lifestyle combo: a gentle environment in which to live, study and work, in close connection to Mother Nature, supplemented by the more cosmopolitan services of nearby cities such as Toluca (an hour’s drive away) and Mexico (both have international airports).

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